80 Years of Service at the Consulate of Ireland

A Traveling Exhibition

The 80 Years of Service exhibition was created for the Consulate General of Ireland before it moved to the New York Irish Center. A series of eight wall panels interprets each decade of the last eighty years in Irish and American history, culture, and photographs. Each Irish Consul General and Grand Marshall of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is listed, along with New York’s mayors and governors, American and Irish Presidents and each Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister), with their years of service.

Many of the images used on the panels were found in the archives of the New York Historical Society. We designed the panels to show a color progression from decade to decade. Each panel stands on its own then transitions to the next with the color change, creating visual continuity. The goal was to engage the viewer by including as much information as possible on each panel in a visually engaging manner. The image for the title poster was created from a montage of scanned Irish passports.